Music♦ Blame it all on Ledisi

It’s hard to imagine anyone looking stone-faced and unimpressed when Ledisi opens her mouth to sing; oops, I mean SANG!! But apparently 

there’s always someone.

While taking to facebook recently to express gratitude for her fans and to wish them a “wonderful Christmas” and “Happy Holidays”, Ledisi confided that earlier in her career a record executive told her “You’ll never make it in this business. You’re not good enough.”


I for one am SO happy she didn’t listen to that line of crap. Ledisi has proven, and continues to prove that she is more than merely good enough by lasting more than thirteen years in the business (and counting), while garnering eight Grammy nominations (to date) along the way. She rounded out her facebook post with an inspiring #nevergiveuponyourdreams.

Her latest CD “The Truth” is due for release on March 11, 2014 and is available for pre-order on iTunes.


Watch the video for the first single off “The Truth”,  “I Blame You” on Youtube.

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