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 Once again the stylish gospel duo Mary Mary, made up of sisters Tina and Erica Campbell, have to defend their taste for the sexier things in life; well, at least when it comes to their attire.

This time, the gospel community is heated over a promotional photo for Erica’s upcoming solo CD “Help”. The photo on the singer’s Instagram shows her rockin’ a sexy form-fitting white dress and killer heels. Although the dress has long sleeves, a turtle neck and falls below the knee, she is being blasted for showing off her voluptuous curves.


Erica offers that the photo is about feeling beautiful and confident just the way God made you. She is against the notion that only people “not proclaiming Jesus” are allowed to be considered sexy because as a proclaimer of Jesus, she is “sexy” and “cute” and she knows it.

The sisters faced a similar situation back in 2008 with the release of their CD, “The Sound”. On the cover the sisters are wearing sexy black dresses which Tina describes as “not tight, just form-fitting”. Tina doesn’t have a problem at all with people thinking she and her sister are a little sexy and in fact she likes to think of herself as sexy. She further defends her affinity for sexiness by adding that she wants her husband to think of her as sexy every time he looks at her.


Not everyone in the gospel community is hatin’ on Erica’s hot looks. Fellow gospel singer Yolanda Adams came to Erica’s defense.  Yolanda who personally knows the Campbell sisters insists that their goal is not a sexual one. She says that the ladies simply wear what’s in style. Speaking from experience Yolanda says that some things “graze me in a place where somebody may find it offensive ” then adds that if they walked around in “sheets” and “moomoos”  people would still have something to say.

Nonetheless, Erica is not swayed by the naysayers and boldly proclaims that  she is “taking it in stride” and “keeping it moving.”

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