What is Étude Life?

The foundation of Étude Life is to encourage people to explore and experience creative processes, good habits and positive mindsets. Living an Étude Life means constantly learning about your craft(s) and growing.

Mission: Inspiring creativity one lifestyle at a time.

Tagline: Cop and étude and see where it takes you!

(click for pronunciation: \ˈā-ˌtüd, -ˌtyüd\.)

Traditionally, an étude (derived from the French word for “study”) is a short instrumental composition that one practices to perfect a particular musical skill.

Étude Life applies this concept to all creative lifestyles, expanding it beyond music to include art and photography, dance, acting, fashion, writing, and even cooking, among other areas of life. The concept can be applied to whatever awakens your passion and sparks your imagination.

Incorporating your passion into your lifestyle entails striving for self-improvement, taking care of your temple and your instrument (s), engaging in positive fellowship, and paying it forward. The end result is you giving your best to others.

When you work to perfect your own unique étude, then your life, style and personality radiate positivity.

“We are what we repeatedly do.”–Aristotle



Cop an étude and see where it takes you!