LaTonya Miller- Lifestyle Writer/Editor in Chief/Publisher


LaTonya has had a passion for artistic expression for as long as she can remember. A lover of all things positive and a curator of inspirational and motivational quotes, she is CONSTANTLY seeking uplifting people, places, things, and events. Individuals who are able to unapologetically express themselves in creative ways fascinate her. Those who do so despite hardships, disabilities, or other roadblocks blow her away.

Not only is she attracted to the obvious beauty of creative expression, but she has always been drawn to the process of creating; the technique, the discipline, the mind behind the masterpiece.

LaTonya hopes that the content on will spark passion in those who visit. Whatever that passion may be, she wants to inspire and motivate a community of creatives to do something every day which supports that passion.

LaTonya is a freelance writer who has written for Jackson Free Press, BOOM Jackson and She has produced show segments for “Jackie Thompson’s Hour of the Fifties Live Request Show” on Jackson radio station WLEZ. Her poetry has been published in the international publication Black Magnolias Literary Journal. 
email to let her know what you want to see on the website.

Christina Thomas- Fashion and Lifestyle Writer

Follow this wife and mother on instagram.

Christina Thomas

Vantashi Wilkes-Fashion Writer

Vantashi and Oprah 2015

Learn more about Vantashi in this video.

Autumn Hairston- Food Writer

Autumn Hairston

Food writer, Autumn Hairston is a woman of varied interests. If you’re lucky you can even catch this musician at heart wailing somewhere in Mississippi’s capital city.

A native Jacksonian, Autumn is an avid and lifelong Jackson State University football fan. In the fall she and her family can be found in their usual spot at the base of the 40 yard line in “Tiger Country” (Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium). And what goes hand in hand with football?

Yes, tailgating! In other words food, food and more food; and this budding chef with a penchant for ‘flavorocity™’ is definitely a star player on the grill and in the kitchen.

There is very little that doesn’t interest Autumn, a self-proclaimed “Renaissance Woman”. But no matter what else catches her fancy, this young lady’s passion for music is thoroughly engrained. A fact which she accredits her grandmother who told her, “You’ve got to learn to play SOMETHING besides the radio!”

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