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New Music: Can’t Remember To Forget You by Shakira featuring Rihanna

Maybe I’ve been listening to the wrong stations because I haven’t heard anything as happy as Shakira’s new single Can’t Remember To Forget You (featuring Rihanna) in a long time. It has that upbeat 80’s pop vibe with a rocked out hook. When I heard it for the first time this morning it actually gave me a boost, prompting me to love it instantly. To sum up the underlying message quickly, ladies, blame “selective memory” for those times when you foolishly “do anything for that boy”. While that may not be a good thing, it won’t matter one bit once the infectious melody and tempo of this tune whips your ears into submission; and your body will happily follow. Take a listen below.

Update: The official video for this song (below) was posted to youtube on January 30, 2014 and in three days has already recieved over 32 million views.

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