Exclusive Interview: Sebastian Mikael Talks His Upcoming Album “Speechless”, Inspirations, Regrets, & More!

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sebastian mikael

“R&B is dead” is a cliché statement heard over and over again, for music lovers yearn for the romance, passion, and soul that once consisted of this genre. Nowadays, music lovers have to listen long and hard for quality artists, but with one new artist, fans did not have to search very far. Sebastian Mikael captured ears and hearts last year with his Wale enlisted single Last Night which combined modern-day themes with a familiar old school sound. Now, this Berklee College of Music alum is riding his wave of success with his latest track Forever, all while he is working on his debut album Speechless. Below, I hope fans fall more in love with the newest addition to the recent string of artists, helping being the soulful sound back to R&B!

Jasmine: Your track Last Night it blew up the airwaves last year and you are definitely…

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