Blue Sapphires- A Titanic Love Affair

Although the first day of this month is dedicated to hard working Americans, September is actually a month for the romantic at heart. It is officially the Pleasure Your Mate Month- fitting since its dominant sign is that of the devoted lover, Virgo.

Several flowers associated with the month are the aster, a symbol for powerful love; morning glory, the symbol for affection; and the sentimental forget-me-not. September’s birthstone is the blue sapphire which symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity. Furthermore, the 21st is Wife Appreciation Day and the 26th is deemed Love Note Day. This is the perfect time for fellas to score major brownie points by taking up the lost art of the handwritten letter.

Handwritten love letter image from bing search.
Handwritten love letter image from bing search.

Coincidentally, the first of September is also the day that remains of the Titanic were discovered at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean in 1985. The ill-fated maiden voyage of 1912 was romanticized in the highly successful 1997 movie Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as forbidden lovers.

In the film Rose (Winslet) is engaged to a wealthy man when she gets swept up in a passionate romance with the not-so-rich Jack (DiCaprio). When Jack sketches Rose in the nude the only thing she is wearing is a blue diamond of royal origin called the Heart of the Ocean. Despite choosing Jack over her fiancé, Rose inadvertently ends up with the precious diamond only to plop it into the ocean at the end of the movie, at the site where she lost her beloved Jack.

Heart of the Ocean

The fictitious blue diamond necklace was made of cubic zirconias and white gold specifically for the movie. Success of the movie prompted the creation of a real Heart of the Ocean, a “platinum-set, 171-carat (34.2 g) heart-shaped Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 103 diamonds” valued at $20 million.

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, a breathtaking blue sapphire may be her heart’s desire. This is good news for all the not-so-rich Jacks eyeing jewelry for that special someone, especially this month.

Image from
Image from
DB Designs Sterling Silver Blue Diamond Accent 20mm Hoop Earrings $23.84 from
DB Designs Sterling Silver Blue Diamond Accent 20mm Hoop Earrings $23.84 from

Fortunately you only have to scour the web and not the ocean floor to find beautiful sapphires to fit every style and budget.  For instance these princess-cut sapphire and sterling silver earrings at Zales for $49. Plus take an additional 20% off at checkout with code SAPPHIRE.

6.0mm Princess-Cut Lab-Created Blue Sapphire Crown Earrings in Sterling Silver
6.0mm Princess-Cut Lab-Created Blue Sapphire Crown Earrings in Sterling Silver

Will you be making plans for Pleasure Your Mate Month or a special day during September? Please spill. Celebrating a September birthday? What’s on your wish list?

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