Fellas, how’s your hat game?

Yes, National Hat Month (September) is almost over. Thank goodness that has absolutely nothing to do with when or how we rock this enduring and celebrated accessory.

James Spader on The Blacklist.

If your hat game is pitiful instead of sick, let the stars in the gallery below show you how its done. Then, go get your hat swag on year-round.

Yeah, we went a little crazy with shots of Uncle Charlie but that’s because nobody can wear a brim quite the way he can.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t know which look you want to go for? Maybe this hat guide will help. And although its hard to tell these days, there are still rules for wearing hats. Brush up on your hat etiquette here.

Check out our Styles For Him on Pinterest for more men’s fashion and other neat stuff.

(Photo credits unknown. All images from Google and bing image search.)

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