Video – Mississippi Roads: Fondren, Food Trucks, Peaches Restaurant

If you didn’t know by now, the Fondren district in Jackson Mississippi is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. From the nostalgic face of the buildings to the allure of walking-distance hot spots, and an even hotter music scene, the area is garnering lots of attention. Mississippi Roads (MPB/PBS) featured Fondren in an episode which originally aired on October 9, 2014. Show host Walt Grayson gives viewers a glimpse of the Fondren neighborhood primarily focusing on Arden Barnett’s Ardenland located in Duling Hall. Ardenland has been pivotal in Jackson’s growing music scene. The episode also includes a “Rearview Mirror” segment on Peaches Restaurant and spotlights the recent addition of food trucks to the city of Jackson. Enjoy the full episode below. Find restaurants and other businesses in Fondren here.

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