A Fringe-tastic Trend to Try in 2015

Spring 2015 runways were swarming with 70’s trends-denim, patchwork, suede and fringes.  Yes, fringes. Nope, they’re not just for cowboys.  The thought of fringes past too much for you? Don’t write them off just yet, they’ve gotten a little overhaul.  Take a look at what 2015 has to offer and consider giving them a try. Then get a jump on spring with a little fringe now. Incorporate something as simple as a fringe handbag into your winter wardrobe. Then seamlessly transition the bag into your spring look. By springtime you just might feel ready to flaunt bolder fringes. If you’re ready to do bold now, snag yourself a fierce fringe sweater like the one below by Chloé.

Fringe-tastic Fashion
Fall/winter fringe and leather inspiration look featuring Chloé textured sweater from net-a-porter.com. Shop pieces below.

Chloé chloe sweater

Gucci heel boots

Highlight makeup

Opi nail polish

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