Father’s Day Gift Guide

We asked some guys their opinion on our Father’s Day gift guide. The feedback was that its missing liquor, football, pool…basically anything sports related. True, but every man isn’t into sports and all men don’t drink. Still the argument was duly noted. We will however, post some other gift ideas along those lines on our Style Mogul, Groom and Barber, and Neat Stuff Pinterest boards.

Next year’s gift guide will have a drunken sports fanatic theme. Or not.

As for this year, we focused on music and the handy super dads who keep it together. By “it” we mean having the ability to fix what’s broken while maintaining impeccable grooming and a fit bod to boot; real or imagined.

Share your favorite daddy day gift ideas in  comments or send us a pin on Pinterest.

(Click guide to enlarge.)

Étude Life’s Father’s Day gift ideas.
Étude Life’s Father’s Day gift ideas.

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