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Writer’s block, painter’s block, or any other type of block stifling your creativity, could soon be a thing of the past. And it’s all thanks to Frankenstein… not really… well, maybe just a little.


New studies show that shocking the brain can boost our creative abilities. Researchers have found that “sending very low doses of current into the brain’s prefrontal cortex” essentially interferes with the filter that enables us to focus on a task or goal. When this filter is turned off, the mind is able to “wander”, allowing us to come up with ideas we many normally not have come up with.

Surprisingly, an electrical current less than that of a 9-volt battery is all it takes to spark an idea that’s “outside of the box”, although the results don’t last beyond a few minutes.

Happy mid-adult man standing in front of glass screen with mathematical formulas written on it

Despite warnings not to try this at home, do-it-yourselfers are plugging in…

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