David Banner talks with Jessica Simien about his foundation and Mississippi Rap.

The Hood Hippie

David Banner was in town for his foundation last week. He came to speak to the kid at the Juvenile Detention Center and open up new studios at the YMCA in Jackson MS. Jessica Simien got a chance to sit down with him to discuss his intention for putting the studio in the YMCA and how the kids can benefit from it. He also spoke about how Mississippi artist need to create our own sound. I agree we do need to identify a unique style to stand out from the crowd, so we can carve out a legacy for generation to come out of Mississippi. He said artist need to speak life with the words they use to write rhymes. Check out the full article at JessicaSimien.com. Links are under the video.

David Banner is preparing to release The God Box Album real soon so you can preorder the album here – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-god-box/id1064139161

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