Sheryl Underwood hosting the MS Greek Weekend Step & Comedy Show in Jackson MS, September 30, 2016.

Sheryl Underwood Inspires Audience at MS Greek Weekend Step & Comedy Show

It was a night of line strolling and rolling in the aisles. The 2016 Mississippi Greek Weekend Step and Comedy Show, hosted by comedian and Zeta Phi Beta soror, Sheryl Underwood, was lit. 

On the surface, it may have appeared to be just a fun night of sorority and frat reunions. But it was more than that. If you paid attention, you also strolled away with a bit of inspiration and motivation.

Comedians Sheryl Underwood and Merc B. Williams share a moment on stage at the Mississippi Greek Weekend Step & Comedy Show. The event was held Friday, September 30, 2016 at Thalia Mara Hall, Jackson MS.

Following comedian Merc B. Williams’ set, he was rewarded with the stamp of approval from Underwood. With a huge smile, The Talk co-host reassured William that he did it right. “You did good.” She said. “Give him a round of applause…” Underwood went on to impart a few words of advice, “Merc B. Williams, you keep doing it.  You host everything you can host. And I’m telling all y’all comics, write your own material…and don’t let nobody tell you no. I’m… on the number one network, CBS, five days a week on The Talk, I got my own radio show (with) 59 affiliates, (and I’m ) touring all over the country…”  No small feat for any comic; especially a black female comic.

Underwood’s words of encouragement  for Williams and other comics who braved the mic that night is sound advice we can all use. The bottom line?  Do the work and don’t take no for an answer.

Biggest takeaway: No doesn’t mean stop, it simply means recalibrate.

See what comedian, event host and motivational speaker Merc B. Williams is tweeting about @MercBWilliams.

Find social media info for Sheryl Underwood here.

Did you make or miss the show? Comment below and check out a few of the night’s highlights.


Members of Phi Beta Sigma on stage at the MS Greek Weekend Step & Comedy Show. Jackson MS, September 30, 2016.

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