Fantasia shares a glimpse of the process behind making “The Definition of…”

Fantasia Barrino is, unapologetically, an open book. The reason she shares so much of herself is because she believes someone somewhere will benefit from her experiences.  No doubt, she is absolutely correct. Even if it’s just to realize that they are not alone, there have been and will be many people who can relate to the singer and gain strength from her story.

Naturally, Fantasia doesn’t just share her private ups and downs, she opens up about her career as well. In AOL’s BUILD Series, Fantasia talks about having cameras in the recording studio to capture the making of her latest musical offering, “The Definition of…” Hopefully that means there’s a documentary somewhere in the making.

Check out the video below to hear Fantasia explain lying on the floor in the recording booth. For those who are interested in hearing more about Tasia’s personal life, elsewhere in the video she talks about meeting her husband, losing him, and getting him back.

Have you had the pleasure of listening to Sleeping with the One I Love? It’s the second single off of “The Definition of…”(Fantasia’s fifth studio album). If you haven’t, then take a peek at the official video now.

What are your thoughts on the song and the video?

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