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Tamar Braxton’s Voice

(by Deleesa Hunter)

Tamar Braxton’s voice has been on my mind lately, so I’m glad I got the chance to finally write about it. Tamar Braxton is the star of reality hit reality series Braxton Family Values and the spin-off Tamar and Vince. She also just happens to have an amazing singing voice. There is so much about her voice that I just LOVE, while there are some things she does with her voice that I am not a fan of. I will explore all of these points in this blog.

What I love about her voice is the clarity, weight, agility and timbre. Tamar’s voice, especially in the upper register, reminds me of a horn. As she ascends in her range her voice gets more resonant and freer. It’s almost as if her voice is relieved to finally hit an f5. It’s a very light voice which allows her to move very freely, again, mostly in her upper chest register. She is a true coloratura soprano. Unfortunately it takes her a while to get to the freedom she achieves in her high notes. Most times it doesn’t happen until the very end of the song. Why is this? Aren’t lower notes, by default, easier to sing  than high notes? Not necessarily. Continue reading Tamar Braxton’s Voice

Is Beatboxing Too Harsh on the Voice?

With Doug E. Fresh moving back into the spotlight in recent years, human beatboxing has become mainstream in a major way. Continue reading Is Beatboxing Too Harsh on the Voice?