Tamar Braxton’s Voice

(by Deleesa Hunter)

Tamar Braxton’s voice has been on my mind lately, so I’m glad I got the chance to finally write about it. Tamar Braxton is the star of reality hit reality series Braxton Family Values and the spin-off Tamar and Vince. She also just happens to have an amazing singing voice. There is so much about her voice that I just LOVE, while there are some things she does with her voice that I am not a fan of. I will explore all of these points in this blog.

What I love about her voice is the clarity, weight, agility and timbre. Tamar’s voice, especially in the upper register, reminds me of a horn. As she ascends in her range her voice gets more resonant and freer. It’s almost as if her voice is relieved to finally hit an f5. It’s a very light voice which allows her to move very freely, again, mostly in her upper chest register. She is a true coloratura soprano. Unfortunately it takes her a while to get to the freedom she achieves in her high notes. Most times it doesn’t happen until the very end of the song. Why is this? Aren’t lower notes, by default, easier to sing  than high notes? Not necessarily.

Tamar has a few things working against her. She is so naturally good at singing that she rarely puts forth the real energy that it takes to sing a song. This means that if it’s low, it’s considered easy and she doesn’t apply any real effort t make it great. However, high notes need more space an more air, and she instinctively knows that so she puts forth the effort to sing those AMAZING high notes.  Also, she sang background for her sister Toni for many years, so her aesthetic is somewhat shaped by Toni’s sound, which just happens to be the darkest and heaviest of her family. This results in Tamar’s low notes sounding unnecessarily dark, spooky, and raspy, not to mention poor enunciation. These all are a product of that dark sound (soft palate too high). I also think she jumped into promoting her album too soon after giving birth to their son Logan (who by the way is a BEAUTY).

Photos courtesy of tamarbraxton.com

Having a baby shifts a woman’s organs, including the diaphragm, lungs, and abdominals, all the things we need to sing well. Having a baby also disrupts your sleep and eating schedule so lack of sleep, hydration, and energy are all too common. It takes a solid 6 months to start feeling normal again, and she was back working much sooner than that. This resulted in her early promotional performances sounding noticeably strained and uncomfortable. If a woman doesn’t have solid vocal technique before having children she will likely unravel after giving birth. Months  of rehabilitation (and really learning how to sing for the first time) is needed to get back on the right track. Of course, I would LOVE to help Tamar get on the right track to never having another bad day, but I think she already has a vocal coach.  😦 please leave us a comment. Do you need to build (or rebuild) your vocal range? check out my products and services http://www.DileesaHunter.com/products.html Check out Tamar’s 2014 tour dates here. Learn more about the crazy talented Deleesa Hunter (the first winner of Mary Mary Singing Contest) here.

Photo courtesy of http://www.dileesahunter.com/
Photo courtesy of http://www.dileesahunter.com/

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