Vegan, fat-free quinoa bread


It’s not easy to come up with new recipes all the time, especially when you don’t eat a lot of things. I’m really excited about this one, and I’m proud of myself that I created this recipe.

Since I’m plant-based, and I avoid gluten, also yeast and processed ingredients it seems impossible to make a bread. My friend told me about a low-fat buckwheat bread, I wanted to make. The only thing that I used millet because I’m kinda sensitive to buckwheat. Only two ingredients: millet and chia seeds, plus baking powder. It turned out pretty good (keep that in mind you need to wash the millet a couple of times because it can have a bitter taste), but I wanted to try a fat-free bread. Even though the other one was low-fat as well, mixing protein (chia seeds) with starches (millet, buckwheat) is not a good food combining. Read…

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